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Friday, February 24, 2012

Earthworm Jim 2

Developer:Shiny entertainment 

So Earthworm Jim's girlfriend was kidnapped by that damned phys-crow,and it is up to you to find her and win her back. The sequel to Earthworm Jim has a more diverse gameplay,from your normal platforming,to being a blind salamander and trying to guide a hot air balloon bomb to a tower of snot. The game comes with a slew of new weapons and power ups,from a cheese sandwich which gives you maximum health,to a barn gun which annihilates everything on the screen,which is mocking that saying "you can't hit the broad side of a barn. 

A few old characters are back like Major mucus and princess-whats-her name. You have a new "side kick" called snot,he acts as a parachute and a grapple hook that attaches it self to snot and flings Earthworm Jim.

All and all this game was a great addition to the Earthworm Jim franchise.
The music was great and the gameplay varied. It still has a great sense of humour and don't worry cows are involved. And the controls are very responsive.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Mafia 2

So I recently finished Mafia 2.  You play as a war vet called Vito,who just return from the war. 
The first stage acts as a training level set in Italy during the war,which is a nice touch.
The story is very predicable and not much to write home about,so don't expect to much.
The game spans from the 40s-50s.

The Graphics are very nice,I played it on pc so I cant vouch for the other platforms. 
It runs very smooth and is well optimized.  So you don't need a monster machine to run it.

The combat in this game is very fun and there is nothing more satisfying than emptying a barrel of bullets from your Tommy gun.  You get a wide variety of guns,from a revolver to a M1 Garand.  The Tommy gun however is my favourite,with a barrel of 50 bullets makes gunning your enemies a simple task.   

The only thing I did not enjoy about the game was the driving.  It become tedious and mundane.
And don't get your hopes up on a open world bec there is not much to do other than the missions.
Unless you want to find wanted posters or playboy mag which unlocks pics.
The game is about 13-14 hours long and there are a few missions that are really fun and others were they are very boring. 

Bottom line
I give the game 79% as it is a fun romp and the main characters are likeable.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


So I finally got hold of the old arcade emulator and I have been having a blast.
Been playing a few games and some of them are a must for the old arcade players like myself.
                                                          1944:Loop Master

First off you should try 1944:Loop Master. It is a good looking shmup and very addictive.
It is really hard and very fun with a friend,very underated.

                                                             Marvel VS Capcom

The reason I did not put number 2 in,is there are no roms for it at all.
This game is highly addictive and a classic.  I mean you can be wolverine beating up spiderman or strider lol.

                                                               Night Slashers.

Now the next one at first I did not like it.  But I gave it a chance and actually is very fun.
Just make sure it is the Japanese version as the others they made the blood green.

Teenage mutant ninja turtles:Turtles in time

This is a classic and if you have never played it you must download the rom and play it.
You can play with up to four players,now that is a load of fun.  Great co-op but also very fun on your own.

Golden axe:The Revenge of Death Adder
Now I am a huge fan of the golden axe games.  To my pleasure this game is awesome.
This game is great fun and there are four unique characters to choose from with there own magic power.
And it does not look bad either.
These are the games I have currently clocked and I have a few more to play.  
Will be posting more arcade games soon.  So don't freak because I never added metal slug.

New blog

Hey all,first off this is a blog for gaming and other nerdy things that you might find interesting.

I hope you people enjoy it.